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Udos Choice Infants Blend Microbiotics – 75g Powder

Udos Choice Infants Blend Microbiotics – 75g Powder

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Udo’s Choice Infant Blend Microbiotics contain 6 infant & toddler-specific bacterial strains at an appropriate strength, designed specifically to reflect healthy infant microflora.

This infant-specific formula:

The bifidobacteria, including B. infantis, B. bifidum and B. breve, should represent the largest population of beneficial bacteria in babies. Babies pick up these friendly bacteria from their mothers during their passage through a clean and healthy birth canal. Studies show that B. infantis was found in approximately 60% of full-term newborns who were born vaginally and only 9% of babies born by cesarean section. Formula-fed babies also have significant differences from breastfed babies in the composition of their gut microflora because the heat used to pasteurize formula kills all bacteria.

The specific strains used in Udo’s Choice Infant Blend Microbiotics have been specially chosen for their value to infant health and have been formulated to the viable count appropriate for infants. The powder format has been designed to be added to water, formula, or other liquid after it has been heated.

Each gram contains 3 billion viable cells per gram at the time of manufacture and at least 1.7 billion at expiry in a base of maltodextrin, ascorbic acid, and silicon dioxide.

Udos Choice Infants Blend Microbiotics:
Provides Bifidobacterium infantis – the most important micro-organism in the large intestine of babies and toddlers.
Facilitate healthy weight gain in infants – probiotics ensure the proper digestion and utilisation of food enabling proper growth.
Supports the infant`s immune system
Supports the healthy absorption of minerals and the manufacture of important B vitamins – essential for the healthy development of children.
Supports healthy digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats

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