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Heart Disease by Dale Pinnock

Heart Disease by Dale Pinnock

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In this title, Dale explains that heart disease is at epidemic proportions and rising. Also, he attempts to find out why… and what we can do about it. His approach –

using nutrition alongside conventional medicine –
is to avoid the dietary baddies(avoid Heart Disease) that may contribute to the problem.
And he has some revolutionary ideas about what those might be.
Dale shows how the heart works and gives you the tools you need to help yourself. His approachable, readable style reveals cardiovascular workings clearly.

Dale peers inside the modern western kitchen store cupboard and shows what should be going into it with a comprehensive list of heart-healthy food. Vitally, he reveals what needs to be thrown out and never replaced… among them are some startlingly common foods! Dale shows how easy it can be to incorporate powerful super-nutrients into your diet and what foods and supplements can provide them.

Each recipe has a checklist showing the components it contains that are particularly heart-healthy. Start the day with a Salmon and asparagus frittata, dine sumptuously on Black olive and anchovy-stuffed chicken breast with sweet potato mash and finish it all off with Pears poached in spiced red wine. If these seem miles away from a conventional heart-healthy diet, that is because Dale believes much modern-day dietary advice is wrong. Learn his secrets for yourself and eat your way to better heart health.

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