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Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headset with Intercom, Waterproof Lens, WiFi Video Recorder, Universal Pairing, Interphone, & DVR

Motorcycle Bluetooth Helmet Headset with Intercom, Waterproof Lens, WiFi Video Recorder, Universal Pairing, Interphone, & DVR

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Motorcycle Intercom Compatible Motorcycle intercom provides easy hands-free communications for you while riding.

With access to Siri (iPhone) and S Voice (Samsung) voice commands, you can make or receive hands-free calls, listen to the best Hi-Fi stereo music, and FM radio, or listen to GPS voice guidance - all via wireless Bluetooth v5.0 protocols.

With one Click Can connect to any Most Of The Motorbike Bluetooth Headsets Or Earpiece In The Market or GPS devices as well as a mobile phone

Helmet Bluetooth For Motorcycle Entertainment motorcycle recorder uses a IMX323L 120° wide-angle lens with intelligent anti-shake.

1080P HD camera to record pictures of travel videos & unexpected accidents, downloading APP "Ricam", turn on the WIFI recorder, you can stop riding at any time to view the recorded moments, support loop recording, one-click capture (TF memory card is not included in Inside the package, maximum 128G)

Motorbike Helmet Bluetooth Intercom& Battery. Share the riding experience and enjoy conversations with up to 6 riders at the same time with Bluetooth intercom within a 1000-meter intercom range.

Universal pairing, compatible with most Bluetooth headsets or earpieces on the market. Battery 1300mAh, up to 4 hours of simultaneous video Recorder and talkback communication.

Motorbike Helmet Bluetooth headset suitability waterproof and designed a new switching microphone to fit most full-face, open (flip), and open helmets.

The waterproof design can handle all weather conditions, anti-snow and anti-icing functions, and the battery can work in cold weather at about -3°F. M3 can be charged by any DC 5V charger, or connected to a power bank, computer, etc. via the provided USB cable.

For transportation safety considerations, the charger is not included in the package.

Main Features

・Bluetooth 5.0
・HD picture quality
・Loop Video Recording & Sound Record In Videos
・WiFi interconnection
・Intelligent anti-shake
・Wide-angle lens
・Fleet communication
・Connect to any Bluetooth headset
・Simultaneous connection of multiple devices
・Operating range 1000 meters
・Connected with 2 mobile phones
・Stereo music A2DP
・Voice Dial
・Voice prompt
・Usable during recharging
・FM Radio
・Connected with two-way radio
・Playback Control
・Advanced noise control

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