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Life source Celadrin 500mg – 90 capsules

Life source Celadrin 500mg – 90 capsules

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What is Celadrin?

Celadrin is an all-natural product that is clinically proven as a pain management and anti-inflammatory treatment. It is a compound that enhances the cell membranes throughout the body, therefore providing cell fluidity and elasticity. This extra fluid that the body gains helps to act as a cushion for the bones and joints, allowing them to move more freely and with less pain. Celadrin is a compound made up of different fatty acid carbons, which are arranged in a certain way to achieve maximum treatment for healthy joints. Furthermore, it has been proven to work very fast (within 30 minutes) as a pain reliever.
Celadrin can help a number of conditions, such as:

Osteoarthritis – By lubricating the cell membranes, Celadrin helps restore mobility and relieve pain caused by degeneration of the joints.

Arthritis – Again, Celadrin helps to lubricate the joints which help mobility and pain, which also eases most of the symptoms of arthritis.

Joint problems – Its ability to heal and give joints more flexibility will help ease and even in some cases cure some joint problems.

Knee and elbow injuries – Celadrin will help to lower the pain of the injuries whilst helping to rejuvenate the cells to aid its healing. It will also reduce any swelling that may have appeared on the joints.

Sports injuries: – Just as it does with other joint injuries, it also aids sports injuries.

Lower back pain – Celadrin can relieve back pain and additionally provide more flexibility.

Psoriasis – Celedrin can help reduce skin inflammation, easing soreness and pain.



Celadrin Powder 500mg, Silicon, Magnesium Sterate, Gelatin Shell.

About Life Source:

Life source has been a proud manufacturer of Vitamins, Minerals, and Supplements for over 25 years. They are market leaders in the field of full service. This includes planning, formulation, production, labeling, packaging, and distribution for many of the UK’s leading brands.

They Operate from a large manufacturing and production site in Melmerby, North Yorkshire. Furthermore, as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of nutritional supplements, they pride themselves on providing outstanding customer service.

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